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Five Original and Creative Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones



You may be trying to think of an original gift for your loved one, whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a special occasion or their birthday. And while you may be able to find plenty of options when looking at any online shop, if you want to give them something unique, you will have to get a little bit more creative. There are so many creative and original gift ideas out there, and a lot of them have to do with getting something personalised. A personalised gift is a great way to show your loved one that you put in a lot of thought and effort and thought about what they love and enjoy.

1. A Personalised Mug

If your loved one is a tea or coffee fanatic, then why not get them a creative and unique gift by having a personalised mug made for them? It could be a plain mug that you buy and have photos printed onto it. These photos could be of you and your loved one, things they like, or they would find funny. You could even have matching coasters printed to go with the mug. Or, go the extra mile and go to a ceramic painting place, choose a cup and paint it for your loved one. You could paint their name, a special date, or even something they love! A personalised mug is the perfect original and creative gift because it shows your loved one that you took time and effort to create something they would like and that is just for them.

2. A Photo Puzzle

Next, if your loved one loves a challenge, you could always get them a puzzle. But not just any puzzle! Why not have a puzzle custom-made just for them, with a picture of you as the image? Or if you think that’s too corny, you could have a funny image printed or just a photo that would mean a lot to your loved one. This way, whenever they sit down to do the puzzle, they think of you and how much you mean to them.

3. A Tote Bag

If your loved one is always on the go, running around with a million things, or simply loves a good bag, then a tote bag is the perfect gift for them. However, this won’t be just any tote bag. Of course, it will be personalised and catered just to them and their style and taste. For example, you could print an image onto the tote bag or buy a plain one and some fabric paints and paint something onto it instead. Or, if you’re good at embroidery or know someone who is, you could buy a plain tote bag and then have something cute embroidered onto it, whether it’s a word, a saying or even an illustration. A tote bag is a perfect gift for someone who’s always on the go because it’s easy for them to grab and put all of their stuff into, and they can use it every day and think of you.

4. A Scrapbook

If your loved one is sentimental, a scrapbook is the perfect creative and original gift for them. You can fill it with pictures and memories of you and your story together. You can also fill it with sweet souvenirs and everything important to your loved one! You can make it random or order it in terms of your story. You can also leave blank pages for them to fill with all the memories.